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Robert Anton Wilson needs our help.. (you can confirm it here.. although there is no mention of needing 'rent'/housing money there.)

A quote from catbirdgirl summing it up:

"He's very ill, and may die soon. He is being cared for by friends and family, and his post-polio syndrome is terrible. I believe he may be being evicted from his home. In case you don't know who he is, he is the author of "The Illuminatus Trilogy" and many other free-wheeling and free thinking books. While not a huge fan, I totally recognize his long-term influence. And I don't believe anyone should die penniless, in pain, and without resources."

A quote from the Oct 4th update on "Bob is not one for the begging bowl. He would rather that fans wishing to help out simply buy his wares. But his friends, understanding the potential financial strain of Bob's needs, set up the Friends of Robert Anton Wilson relief fund" So if you don't want to just shuffle off your $$ it may be great time/excuse to go buy that RAW book or other goodies you have been interested in but have put off doing.. (and do so through so he gets any of the referral credit/etc. dollars such as
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