Jeff Mach (transversecity) wrote in overnight_comm,
Jeff Mach

Dr. Mirabeau

The Case Of Dr. Mirabeau

The case of Dr. Mirabeau is a sad one.
A rationalist's rationalist,
his life's work was the creation of a device that could reveal
It was called "The Empirically Universal Analogue Verifactor
Beta Prototype v.1.02", because men like Mirabeau never name their
lives' works something like "the kazoo", "That Damned Contraption",
or "George".
Now, as everyone knows, the actuality of the Universe is
hidden beneath layers of misconceptions, subjectivity,
environmental distraction, and a particularly virulent form of
existential angst. Dr. Mirabeau's machine stripped away these
artificial barriers, to reveal the Truth.
Unfortunately for him, when the machine finally stopped its
whirrings and birrhings and slurrings and clanging and smoking and
howling and cranking and grinding and "VOOMP! VOOMP!
VOOOOOMP!"ings, reality was found to be science fiction.

Poor, broken-hearted Doc Mirabeau now designs much-admired
perpetual motion machines for the sweet, intelligent, grateful, and
incessantly amorous nymph-women of Procyon VI.

Also, please go to Halloween In December.
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