Jeff Mach (transversecity) wrote in overnight_comm,
Jeff Mach

Announcing The Anachronism NYC

Dear folks,

I'm deucedly honored to announce The Anachronism, NYC: Oz meets Wonderland, a ripping new Steampunk event at Manhattan's largest and oldest nightclub, Webster Hall. Come tread halls which have been greeting revellers since 1886!

If I may have your permission to quote to you from the website,

"The lineup includes the mesmerizing gypsy cabaret of This Way To The Egress, Jordana’s Steampunk Circus, the extraordinary G.D. Falksen, cyber-steam sensation Psyche Corporation, the unparalleled Absinthe Drinkers, and a glorious interactive experience created by a cooperation between Nadi’s Glamourbombs and the acclaimed Wandering Legion–plus a special appearance by Lawrence Gullo and Fyodor Pavlov, the Royal Baritarian Players. And it culminates with a Fashion Show featuring some of the finest Steampunk fashion designers on the East Coast!"

“The Anachronism” is brought to you by Evelyn Kriete of Steampunk Magazine, Sax DMA of DMA Productions, Gil Cnaan of Dorian’s Parlor, and Jeff Mach of The Steampunk World’s Fair and Wicked Faire.
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